Putting on the Men

1.Now you can put on the Men. Take hold of it so that you hold the Himo between your pointing fingers and your thumbs so that it doesn't slip out of your hands when putting it on.

Kendo Men anlegen 1


2.First place your chin in the inner cushion, then push your forehead against the upper internal cushion. Use both hands to guide the Himo below the back of your head.

Kendo Men anlegen 2


3.Pull the Mend firmly at both ends and fasten it with knots and a bow.

Kendo Men anlegen 3


4.By sticking your thumbs in the loops as shown and taking hold of each of the loose ends with your pointing fingers, the ends and the loops are pulled to the same length and pulled tightly with a jerking motion so that the Men sits firmly. Be sure that the helmet sits firmly and that there is not too much playroom!

Kendo Men anlegen 4


5.After the Men is fastened, be sure that the bands of the helmet are not twisted, and that they remain flat and parallel.

Kendo Men anlegen 5


Notice: From the knots, hanging down from the back of the head, the bows and ends should have the same length, a maximum of 40 cm (from the knots to the ends). New Himo are longer when you first get them, and they are expandable. These must be shortened. Be sure to ensure through sewing or pasting the ends of the Himo that they do not split open.