Fastening the Tenugui

1.To put on the Tenugui (headscarf), lay it out in front of your face.


Tenugui Binden 1


2. pull it carefully over your head until the lower edge lies below the back of your head.


Tenugui Binden I 1


3.Then guide the ends again individually around to the front of your head so that they cross level with your forehead.


Tenugui Binden I 2


4.Pull the loose end to the back side of your head under the Tenugui.


Tenugui Binden I 3


5.Finally, the part of the Tenugui hanging in front of your face is to be folded upwards, and if necessary, rolled to the back, so that a small pointed cap.


Tenugui Binden I 4


6.The Tenugui must sit firmly so that they do not become loosened. When fastening the Tenugui, no knots are necessary. With a little practice you will get a knack for this.

There is a second way to fasten the Tenugui. An experienced Kendoka can show you this technique.


Tenugui Binden I 5