Hakama - find the right length

We show you here how to find a Hakama with the optimal length for you.


1. The distance from the navel to the floor is measured.


2. If you have just started kendo, choose a shorter hakama. Advanced kendokas who can walk safely with a hakama tend to take a longer hakama instead.


3. When you try Hakama, you can check again if it's not too long or too short. For men with medium abdominal diameters, Hakama is worn with the upper edge at the level of the abdomen. If you have a bigger waist, wear the Hakama a few centimeters below your navel and therefore you need a slightly shorter Hakama.



4. The lower edge of the Hakama should be a few centimeters from the floor when viewed from the front. This will cover your feet. This makes it more difficult to estimate when you attack.



  • If you are just starting out with kendo and Hakama you are not yet familiar with, you can easily fall. Therefore, in the first training sessions, wear the hakama with the upper edge a little "higher" above the navel. So you can see your feet, but run more safely. Later you can wear the Hakama again at the right height.
  • Because children grow quickly, Hakama can also be worn a little above the navel at first. Maybe your club also has a children's clothing rental, so you can always choose the right size.