Fastening the Men bands

Both of the Men-Himo are fastened to the Men with the two leather straps that come with your delivery.


1. As shown in the picture, bend the leather straps flat over one another above the opening.
  Pull them from the bottom through the fourth Men bar.


MenHimo befestigen 1


2.The shove the Men-Himo above the two leather ends with the straps, as you did with the Do.


Men-Himo befestigen 2


3.Put the loose end of the Men-Himo through both slots of the leather straps.


Men-Himo befestigen 3


4.Then tighten it. Repeat the procedure on the other side with the second Men-Himo.


Men-Himo befestigen 4


5.Now guide the Himo, which is fastened, to back side of the head, and lead it from the top over the middle bar of the grill.


Men-Himo befestigen 5a


Men-Himo befestigen 5b


6.When taking this off or transporting it, place the two long ends of the Himo inside the Men, rolled up.


Men-Himo befestigen 7