Folding the Hakama(the easy way)

1.Lay the Hakama on its frontside. While doing so, secure the hemline with one hand, so that the front creases remain neat. Leave the front and back belts to the side for the time being. Now smoothen the inside back crease per hand, then the outside one. The side seams from the front and backside form the outer edge.


Hakama falten 1

Hakama falten 1b



2.Then lay the Hakama on its backside. Here, too, secure the already smoothened creases of the backside at the hemline with one hand. Now smoothen the inner edges, then the five outer creases (from the inside towards the outside). The side seams once again form the outer edges.


Hakama falten 2

Hakama falten 2a


3.Next, lay the long front Hakama belts on the broad side surface over one another and carefully smooth them out. Afterwards do the same thing to the short back Hakama belts.


Hakama falten 3


4.Fold the outside edges inward and smoothen them so that the cover and enclose the Hakama belts.


Hakama falten 4


5.Fold the lower third towards the middle, then the upper third.


Hakama falten 5


6.Then fold the Hakama into a rectangular form.


Hakama falten 5a

Hakama falten 6