Washing Hakama and Gi

We recommend hand washing your Gi and Hakama with warm water. Traditionally, kendo clothing is dyed with natural indigo dye. As a result, high-quality Hakama and Gi usually stain quite a lot.


  • Neatly arrange your Gi/Hakama.
  • Ensure that the wrinkles of your Gi/Hakama are back after washing by folding them appropriately.
  • Do not add any additional indigo dye into your washing machine, which might permanently leave residue dye in the washing machine.

1. Fill a tub or a washing bowl with warm water at a temperature around 30°C.

Washing hakama and gi 1

2. Add a small amount of fabric softener in order to make Hakama and Gi smoother after washing. Make sure that the softener has been properly dissolved. This prevents small clumps of fabric and softener from forming on the Gi and Hakama. Do not add any vinegar to the liquid, as this will result in discolouration or degradation of the quality of your Gi and Hakama.

Washing hakama and gi 2

3. Put your Gi and Hakama in the solution.

Washing hakama and gi 3
4. Apply firm pressure with your hands, or step on the clothes with your feet, as if you were making wine. This will further help to dissolve the fabric softener into the solution.

Washing hakama and gi 4


5. Afterwards, take your Gi out.

Washing hakama and gi 5


6. Take the Hakama out by holding onto the top end of the Hakama.

Washing hakama and gi 6


7. In this way, the creases stay on after washing.

Washing hakama and gi 7


8. Either hang on a leash or as shown on a trouser hanger. Do not expose to the blazing sun. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Washing hakama and gi 8

9. Carefully shape and fold the creases together by hand and fasten each one with a clothespin.

10. When the Hakama is dry, fold it neatly and put heavy objects such as books above a towel and press them onto the Hakama. By the next day, the Hakama should look as if it has been ironed.

11. After fully drying, iron your Hakama if they are made of cotton. Hakama made of other textiles such as blended fabric or tetron should not be ironed but left hanging.


  • Instructions to put on, consolidate and maintain Kendo clothing and armor can be found in our Kendoinfothek [click here].
  • We at kendo-sport have a large selection of Hakama and Gi in our shop [click here]. We are happy to advise you!