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Shinai AA oval grip for beginner

Shinai AA oval grip for beginner

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Fastening the Tsuru

1.The Tsukagawa is the leather cover of the Shinai handle, the Tsuka.



2.The Tsuru is pulled through the Tsukagawa's leather strap and guided upwards.



3.Now the Tsuru is pulled through the leather strap and then once again guided downwards.



4.The Tsuru is guided below the leather strap and is pulled tightly around the Tsuru.



5.To retain the tension, the Tsuru should be temporarily fastened to the handle leather with your thumb.



6.To fasten the Tsuru, the leather straps are now to be tightly wound several times around the Tsukagawa with the Tsuru.




7.Mit der letzten Schlinge bildet man eine Schlaufe und führt die Tsuru nach unten zum Griffleder.



8.Tip: If the Tsuru is too long and overlapping, then the excess piece should be cut off.