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Shinai Seiken AAA with thick grip

Shinai Seiken AAA with thick grip

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Fastening the Nakayui

Diese Teilen-Buttons geben erst nach dem Klick Daten weiter, vorher nicht.

1.The Nakayui is tied into a knot so that it does not slip. The right position for the Nakayui is at 1/3 the length of the Shinai, measured from the Kensen to the Tsuba.


Nakayui binden 1


2.Hold one end of the Nakayui securely on the Shinai with your thumb. Tie the Nakayui tightly around the Shinai.


Nakayui binden 2


3.In all, the Shinai is to be tied three times. The third tie is placed with the loop around the Tsuru.


Nakayui binden 3


4. The Nakayui is to be pulled upward and strapped around the Tsuru with a loop.


Nakayui binden 4


5. Now, the Nakayui is to be pulled downward and, with another loop, strapped around the Tsuru


Nakayui binden 5


Nakayui binden 6


6.After a final loop at the top, the Tsuru is properly tied.
   The Nakayui must sit firmly enough that it cannot slip back and forth.


Nakayui binden 7


7.Tip:If too much leather is hanging after the fourth loop, then cut off the excess leather.


Nakayui binden 7



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