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Hakama black 100% cotton

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Putting on the Tare

1.When putting on the armour, sit properly in the Seiza. The Shaino should lie to your left, parallel to your body; the Men, on the Kote, to the right of your knee; the Do and Tare should be set up in front of you.


Tare Anlegen 1


2.Place the front Tare band below your belly button, cross the bands behind your back, along the back Hakama Trapezes.


Tare Anlegen 2


3.Then guide the bands to the front, and fasten them with a knot and loop under the mid apron flap.


Tare Anlegen 2a


Tare Anlegen 2b


Tare Anlegen 2c

4.When the apron is flapped down, the bands should not be visible.


Tare Anlegen 4