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Jo 30 mm white Oak - remaining stock (RP)

Jo 30 mm white Oak - remaining stock...

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Putting on the clothing: Gi

1.Put on the Gi, and cross the upper outside Gi bands over one another in a L form to begin to form a knot.


Kendo Gi binden 1

Kendo Gi binden 2

Kendo Gi binden 3


2.Double the left band (like when you are tying your shoes) and lead the right band from above to form a bow.


Kendo Gi binden 4a

Kendo Gi binden 4b

Kendo Gi binden 4c


3.The bow and the edges should be the same length and should be lain out horizontally. The bows of the Gi bands on the left inner side are tied the same way


Kendo Gi binden 5