Shinai AA octagonal (Size 37 and 39)

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Products description

This high quality Shinai is manufactured by combining the qualities of a Shinai with oval grip and a Shinai with thick grip, balancing this way their weak points. The octagonal cross-section of the handle allows a reliable grip, comparable with the oval Shinai. At the same time it provides the comfortable hand grip of a thick Shinai. The Shinai does not twist in the hands during training or combat. The Shinai with oval handle prevents it from slipping too, however, as the area of contact between the hand and the Shinai is limited, the pressure on the palm of the hand is stronger, resulting in blisters and a faster wear of the Kote. By offering a more generous gripping surface, the octagonal Shinai does not cause blisters nor wears the Kote, while allowing a firm grip. The centre of gravity is located between the handle and the middle of the sword, allowing large as well as small and fast techniques of combat.

Handle diameter without Tsukagawa : 27 - 28 mm
Handle diameter with Tsukagawa : 28 - 29 mm
Bamboo quality AA
Available size : 37 (114 cm), 39 (120 cm)
Weight : approx. 420 g

The Shinai is not mounted, and it comes without Tsukagawa. Recommended Tsukagawa: Tsukagawa for Shinai with thick grip. Available here.

Bags for Shinai/Bokken

Bag for 5 ShinaisBag for 5 Shinais
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Bag for 3 shinaiBag for 3 shinai
49,00 €
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