Set Gi #11000 and Hakma blue #6000 cotton

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Length of the Hakama
Size of the Gi
Cut the Hemline (Hakama)
Seam pleating (Hakama)
Lengthening Himo (Hakama)
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Products description

This set consists of a Gi Deluxe #11000 and a deluxe hakama made of #6000 cotton. The set is as well-suited for beginners as for advanced Kendoka.

Gi Deluxe blue cotton #11.000: The indigo-dyed cotton fabric (#11.000) is made of a select yarn, normally used only for hand-stitched Kendo Gi. It is more tightly woven than other models of its price class, consequently, as long as the gi is hand-washed and dried in the shade, it will not shrink. It is especially well-suited for advanced Kendoka, given their greater training intensity. All seams are covered with an extra layer of soft tissue, therefore enforcing the durability and enhancing the wear comfort by minimising friction with the skin. The outside is robust. Given the soft inside, the Gi is comfortable to wear.

Hakama deluxe blue #6000 cotton: The 100% cotton Hakama is made of the finest quality fabric (#6,000) and dyed with natural indigo. It is thus very absorbent. The fine balance of heavy thread and light weaving makes the hakama sturdy while having a smooth flow.

New clothes lose colour while washing and in the training. This is a sign of a high qualitied clothes. Our clothes in Deluxe Quality are dyed with natural inidigo dyes according to the traditional japanese style.

Available sizes:

Body Height
(160/ 2)
155 cm - 165 cm
A:   80 cm
B: 132 cm
C:  56 cm
(170/ 3)
166 cm - 175 cm
A:    85 cm
B: 137 cm
C:   60 cm
(180 / 4)
176 cm - 185 cm
A:   90 cm
B: 146 cm
C:   64 cm
(190/ 5)
185 cm - 195 cm
A: 93 cm
B: 149 cm
C:   67 cm
Hakama Length (D)
98 cm
102 cm
106 cm
110 cm
115 cm

Important: Please measure your legs before purchase. When wearing the Hakama, the lower edge should rest at the ankle and the upper edge of the abdominal belt should lie a few centemeters above the belly button. The length of the Hakama can thus be a bit longer than this distance.


Care instruction

You can wash both Hakama and Gi by hand in water at a very low temperature.

In order to keep the folds of the Hakama after washing it, just follow this procedure.
Before washing, fold the Hakama (see how here).  Put it in the tub and wash it by trampling on it like traditional winepresses do. Once it is done, carefully open the folds and hang it on a line to dry. Take it off before it is completely dry and fold it back, then press it with books and leave it to dry. It will then look like perfectly ironed!

Find further tips at our Kendoinfothek:


Folding the Hakama: [more]

Putting on the Hakama: [more]

Folding the Gi: [more]

Putting on the Gi: [more]

Still having some questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by writing us an email: [more]


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