Measurements for the Armor

When ordering armor at kendo-sport, please provide the following measurements

a: Head circumference (See diagram)
b: Forehead size (See diagram)
c: Hand length (See diagram)
d: Body size
e: Abdominal measurement
f: Hand circumference (See diagram)

a. Head size
When measuring your head circumference (a) please measure the longest position. Hold the tape measurer under the chin. Move the other side of the band over the backside of your head until the band has its maximal breadth. While doing this, the tape measurer remains on your head the entire time.



b. Forehead size
Here, too, measure the longest position.



c. Hand length



e. Abdominal measurement
Here the tape measurer should lie just above your belly button.


All of these sizes will be asked for when ordering from our web page. You can return to these diagrams when ordering. If you have any questions, simply write us an email.