Shinai AA for women with short handle

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Products description

The Shinai AA with a short handle for women is a light and high standart Shinai. The quality of the bamboo is AA, the leather of the handle is deluxe quality. It meets the competition requirements for women and allows quick movements. Because of its Dobari shape, the center of gravity is closer to the handle. Compared to the Shinai AA Seiken, the handle of this Shinai has the length of the 37 shinai. Therefore it is particularly suitable for female Kendoka with short arms and small hands. The Shinai is completely assembled and comes with a Tsuba and Tsubadome. It may be necessary to adjust the Tsuba.

Size 38 (about 117 cm)
weight from 440 - 450 g (weight without Tsuba and Tsubadome)
Handle diameter approx. 24 - 25 mm, measured at the lower end with leather handle.
C = Total length of the Tsukagawa: 29.5 - 29.8 cm.


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