The Kendo Armor (Bogu)

As a rule, the trainer determines the time point in your training when you can wear armor. Often it depends on the respective practice of the Doja. Some clubs also make rental armor available on a temporary basis with which you can acquire your initial experience in kendo.

For the specifications of the armor: The greater the density of the millimeter pitch in the processing, and the higher in the 1000s the material strength, the better the quality of the armor.

The throat and breast guards (Tsuki and Mune) offer more protection if they are produced with a high density pitch. Simple leather attachments as are found in "cheap armor" are not suitable for adult training.

In buying your own armor, you will in any case be well served with the traditional beginner's armor available at kendo-sport. It is equally appropriate for training, lessons and competition.


Tip:Those who do a lot of training might consider buying a second pair of Kote. These are namely the most stressed, they dry the slowest, and they last longer if they (for example, in training courses) are able to be alternated with a dry pair.


Density of the millimeter pitch