Konkawa Handmade Bogu, Custom made

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This noble hand crafted bogu is made of premium japanese cotton in very firm quality. It is especially distinguished by the compact thickness of cloth (#11000 cotton) and the premium japanese buckskin. In the set, there are a Men, a pair of Kote, a Do, a Tare , a Tenugi and a Himo Set.

Men with Titan Mengane: This Men is made out of very strong cotton of #11000. The cotton is dyed with natural indigo dye. The edges are exclusively strengthened with japanese deer skin. The fillings are pure deer wool for this Men.  The Tsuki is embroidered, that decorates the wing of the Men. Mengane from Titan.

Kote: Every substances of this Kote is quilted by hand. It is possible through handcraft, to make the impact area much thicker than using sewing machine. The back of the hand of the Kote is padded through double Namako, which can reduce the impact. It is made out of indigo dyed deer skin and cotton of #11000 in high quality. The Kote is filled with pure deer skin.
Info: As a special service, we can give your hand outline to our producers to make a possible fit with your Kote. To do this, you put your flat hand with fingers closed on a sheet of a paper and draw a line around iyour hand.

Info: As an extra service, we can forward your hand circumference to our bogu producers, to ensure the maximum possible adaptation of your kote. Place both hands flat, with fingers closed on a sheet of paper and draw a line around the hands with a pencil.
Please draw a line of exactly 10 cm long next to your hand to get the correct reproduction of your design.

Please send us the profile of your palms by e-mail or by fax.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Fax number: +49 (0) 321/21180587

Do: This high quality leather is sewn on both the front and the backside. The leather edges are folded. The patteren of the Mune and the colour of the Do can be choosen. It can also be choosen if the Do is made out of plastic for the look of bamboo or with real bamboo.

Tare: This handmade Tare made out of cotton #11000 has seven decorative lines. The edges are strengthened with deer skin. It is filled with pure deer wool.



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